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Muscle mass building

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A beautifully toned, muscular body is a common dream and a training goal of many persons, men in particular. Muscle mass building is a process aimed at enlarging your muscles through strength training, with minimum fat gain at the same time.

It may sound as a fairly easy task but it is not that simple. Muscle building training requires commitment and, as in any type of training, it has to be complemented with two elements – a proper diet and recovery time. It may seem that if you simply eat more (anything you like) you will gain body mass, since your organism will be forced to store energy. However, if you want to convert this energy into muscles, and have an attractive, nicely shaped body as a result, you have to stick to a proper diet.

A wrong diet is the most common reason why some persons do not see the desired results. If you turn to a personal trainer for help, you will avoid mistakes which can cost you time and energy. If you want bodybuilding to be your passion and lifestyle, and not only a fleeting whim, you have to commit to it. Your personal trainer will provide you with the necessary knowledge, a tailored training plan based on your needs, and a detailed diet to ensure you have the essential caloric intake and the ideal amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and good fats.

Your trainer will also support you and motivate you at every stage of the training plan, although some tasks are solely up to you (for instance, you have to remember to eat a meal before going to bed and to have an optimum amount of sleep) because in muscle building a general lifestyle plays a very important role.

Muscle building training – how does it look like?

This type of training acts only as a stimulus for muscle growth. The rest depends on your diet. A well-structured diet plan is a key to your goal.

Food products in your meals have to be nutritious and low processed. A reasonable muscle building plan means that you gain 1 to 3 additional kilograms per month (depending on your individual situation). Obviously, everyone would like to see the dream effects sooner, but let’s remember that a slower pace of muscle mass gain means less fat stored. In order to force muscles to grow we need to serve them more load.

Muscle building training cannot be too monotonous as well – by modifying the exercise plan (even slightly) every several weeks, we further stimulate muscles to grow. It is also important to combine isolation and multi-joint exercises. Ideally, a training session should take place three (up to four) times a week. In bodybuilding more doesn’t necessarily mean better – if you overstrain your muscles and ignore the recovery phase, you will be left with exactly the opposite of what you wish for.

Apart from the diet plan and training, the third element of muscle mass building is regeneration – this means primarily a proper amount of sleep (7 hours per day), eliminating or limiting alcohol, and also avoiding stress situations as much as possible. If you follow the training programme, the diet plan and the recovery rules, the results of your efforts will be visible virtually week to week.