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Personal training for children

Mężczyzna ćwiczący wspólnie z dzieckiem

Everyone repeats the alarming news – children and youth are unquestionably not active enough! During the day they spend many hours sitting at school desks, and at home they usually do pretty much the same – once they finish their homework, they end up in front of the computer or watching TV. PE lessons are not held on a daily basis, plus they are usually poorly organised and boring, which discourages kids from taking up sports.

The effects of sedentary lifestyle further escalate due to bad eating habits, and the consequences can be truly disastrous – back pains, bad posture, obesity, respiratory disorders, diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases.

When the school system doesn’t offer proper solutions, parents have to take the matter in their own hands. Personal training for kids is one of the most effective ways to do that. With the help of qualified trainers children may improve their fitness and also develop a genuine enthusiasm for an active lifestyle. A child is a very special client and our trainers are well aware of that – they know how to make exercises pure fun and they will help kids discover their talent and passion for sports.

Personal training for children – why it is worth it

Physical activity is an important factor which has impact on a child’s proper development. By exercising with a specialist your kid will avoid the risk of injuries – the trainer pays full attention to the child all the time, sees to his/her safety, monitors whether the exercises are properly performed and corrects any errors.

Personal training for children is aimed at supporting a proper development of kids’ bone and muscle systems, it improves motor skills and corrects the posture. It is a wonderful opportunity to discover a passion and a skill, but also a great lesson on perseverance. Plus, being fit translates into higher self-esteem, which is crucial especially for shy kiddies – with higher self-confidence they will feel more at ease in a peer group and will develop various social skills.

A good amount of physical activity also boosts children’s intellectual development. A properly oxygenated body improves brain functioning, leading to a better concentration and better results at school. Also, sports can be an effective form of therapy for hyperactive kids who just aren’t able to stay put for long. A properly designed physical activity is a great outlet for their excess energy, channelling it to good use.