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Personal training with a training partner

Nasi Klienci podczas treningu w parach

Workout motivation is a common problem many people struggle with. If you keep postponing the day on which you are to finally start exercising, and if you continue to choose a shopping centre over a gym, then maybe you need someone who will motivate you.

Obviously, a personal trainer is a person who can do that, but a session with a training partner may be also a good idea. If you have arranged a training session together with another person, you automatically gain additional motivation to keep your resolution, since it simply feels embarrassing to pull out.

Not everyone likes to exercise alone and a shared training session is just more fun. And when physical activity is entertaining, it is also more effective because you are more committed to it. Your training partner will be the source of support for you but if he or she has a bad day, you will have to motivate them as well – this will cement your relationship and enhance bonding. Finally, by burning calories in great company, you have fun and you can spend additional time with someone you care about.

Personal training with a training partner – what you need to know

Women often like to go to the gym with a friend, since thus they feel safer and combine the practical and the pleasurable – they can chat and work out instead of just sipping coffee (although we are far from being against coffee as such 😉).

However, this does not mean that such type of training is suited only for girlfriends. You can invite your loved one, a friend, your brother, sister or mum. What’s important, it should be someone you trust, someone who will inspire you and motivate you. It helps if the training partners have a comparable level of fitness, but what counts most is the same determination, a good attitude and similar goals.

Obviously, no two persons are identical and each of you may have slightly different training needs (even if you share the same goal, for instance, fat loss and improved motor skills). This is why we highly recommend working out with a personal trainer. After an interview, a professional trainer will compose a training programme to satisfaction of both participants. Training sessions with a partner can alternate with your individual sessions, adding variety to your training regime. With the fun elements and healthy competition, taking care of your body will surely become even more entertaining.

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