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Trener - Kamil Kochański

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Kamil Kochański

Kamil Kochański

Discovering physical activity and developing a passion for it was a turning point in my life. Back then, I lost 26 kg. Over a dozen years later, physical activity is at the centre of my professional life and also remains the preferred way for spending my spare time.


I’m a certified personal trainer, bodybuilding instructor and certified manual therapist of the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for back pains, with a MSc in physiotherapy. I graduated from the Medical University of Lublin. I have completed many courses and trainings in rehabilitation, massage and fitness. I used to work in a rehabilitation centre, where I prepared and led individual motor recovery programmes. I also have vast experience as a personal trainer, gained in numerous fitness clubs in Radom and Cracow.

In my work with clients I use the newest training methods, such as TRX, Kettlebells, Pilates and circuit training, combining them with various physiotherapeutic methods, depending on the clients’ needs. I know how to plan and carry out an individual training aimed at weight loss or muscle gain, while also paying attention to any motor conditions a client may have. Those complaining about aching joints or back will receive both training and treatment from me. What’s going on in our heads is equally important, thus I try to adopt a holistic approach, taking into account not only the clients’ physical needs but also their mental predispositions.

I effectively motivate my clients to put in some effort and practise self-restraint, which in result helps them achieve their goals. I strongly believe that everything is possible! And watching my happy clients fulfil their dreams only proves that! I’m interested in rehabilitation of sportsmen and all strength sports. In my spare time I change into my own personal trainer.

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