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Trener - Zuzanna Lemiesz

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Zuzanna Lemiesz

Zuzanna Lemiesz

‘You can choose excuses or you can choose effects’ – I have come to this conclusion after years of training and now I repeat it to my clients. Sports is my passion and in my free time I like to travel. I aim to combine the role of a personal trainer with the role of a physiotherapists in order to ensure my clients can enjoy maximum results.

I’m a personal trainer, a qualified masseur and a I have a MSc in physiotherapy. I graduated from the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, and I still develop my skills through various courses on individual training, manual therapy and massage. I gained my professional experience while working in rehabilitation centres and sports clubs, including Akademia Legii Warszawa.

When choosing the training methods for my clients I take into account their individual expectations and abilities. If my clients suffer from any joint or back pain I see this as a challenge and I believe such pain doesn’t have to mean that physical activity should be avoided. On the contrary, I think that such situations may provide a good opportunity to start training regularly. I attach much importance to proper technique of exercising so that working towards a training goal does not have negative effects on the entire locomotor system. Proper technique ensures prevention and limiting the risk of any future injuries.

Sports has been an important part of my life since I remember. I trained for 12 years athletics, winning numerous medals in 100m hurdles at the Polish Championships and the Polish Academic Championships. At present, I run and I am passionate about volleyball and functional training.

In my free time I travel and study the arcana of sports physiotherapy.

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