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About physiotherapy

Our aim is to help you regain physical ability, teach proper movement patterns and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

A sprained ankle? A back pain that just won’t go away? We offer physiotherapy to cure chronic limb or spine pains as well as rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgeries and conditions of acute pain. Combining physiotherapy and personal training allows to transition smoothly from injury treatment to practising sport again.

We apply various renowned physiotherapeutic methods (McKenzie, PNF, FDM, Kaltenborn-Evjenth, Kinesiologytaping).

Medical training is the best approach to personal training for anyone suffering from problems with their motor system.

To complement the physiotherapy we also offer both medical and relaxing massages, which we perform at any place that the client chooses.


Call us and we will come to a place of your choice to cure your injury.