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Neck pain
Shoulder pain

“Shoulder girth”, as the name suggests, manifests itself with a characteristic “rushing” pain radiating from the cervical spine, through the chest, to the hands. If you do hard physical work or spend a lot of time in front of the computer, you are probably among the most vulnerable people. Nevertheless, brachialgia is classified as a so-called “Root syndromes”, one of the most common diseases. It is worth knowing what it manifests itself and how it can be remedied in order to react appropriately in case of ailments.


Suffering from neck and shoulder pain?

Don’t underestimate this problem.


Its main and most characteristic symptom is pain radiating from the neck to the tips of the fingers. It may also involve the scapula and the front of the chest. When you move your head, cough or other intense reflexes, you may notice an increase in your discomfort. The symptoms of the brachial cyst also include sensory disturbances in the upper limbs and numbness, which can even lead to paresis. The genesis of the disease is the narrowing of the intervertebral holes, which leads to pressure on the nerve roots of the cervical spine and to inflammation. An indirect cause may be, among others, degenerative changes occurring in this place long ago, which compress the surrounding tissues and nerves, contributing to the formation of tension. Due to the fact that the nerve roots are interconnected and dependent on each other, sciatica (in the same patient) is often present in addition to the shoulder joint.


In the case of neck pain that persists for several days or recurs regularly, it is not necessary to visit a specialist. There are effective methods we can offer you for these types of ailments. During the visit, after a detailed diagnosis, the specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment. One of the forms is rehabilitation. It begins when the sharpest pain in the shoulders subsides, and mainly consists in restoring proper functioning in the area affected by the disease. Exercises are also important, and apart from them, it is also worth focusing on various types of manual treatments, e.g. neck and shoulder girdle massages. These types of treatments are performed by our experienced specialists, so if you are struggling with the diseases described above, be sure to contact us. An individual approach to each patient is a guarantee of mutual success.