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Training for companies and groups

Training for companies is a unique proposition in the MIND YOUR BODY offer. They will allow you to increase the level of physical activity among your employees, which, as the research shows, translates directly into their higher efficiency and better team integration. These are extremely important aspects of professional life that should be taken care of today. Obviously, this proposal fulfills the overarching goal of “getting employees moving”. Our offer includes a wide range of services that will allow you to tailor activities to the needs of a specific company. We are also convinced that it is one of the most interesting forms of training. Together, it is easier and more fun to exercise, you can motivate each other, you can compete with each other.


Proponowany trening sprawdzi się także w przypadku małych grup. Możecie przyjść do nas z rodziną, lub znajomymi. Wspólnie spędzony czas poprawi i umocni relacje między Wami. Jako przyjemny efekt uboczny zredukujecie masę ciała i poprawicie kondycję.

Want to take care of the health of your relatives or colleagues?

Book a group training.

What is our offer?

  • sports integration activities in the form of group training after working hours,
  • mini lectures or short group physical activities during the lunch break,
  • trainings in healthy eating, psychodietetics, the impact of physical activity on our functioning, prevention of back pain when working while sitting, etc.
  • individual sessions of training, physiotherapy or massage with transport to the workplace.

What makes group training different?

Motivation is an extremely important issue when training in a group. It drives the entire group to action and encourages them to achieve common goals. The aspect of mutual support during exercises is also important. In addition, motivated to achieve common goals, the group transfers the built relationship outside the training room, working together to improve proper eating habits and mobilize to work on their own body. Personal training in a group also allows you to do exercises in pairs. It is undoubtedly a much more attractive form and an interesting alternative to common exercises and individual training. The undeniable advantage of group exercises is the element of competition, which has a very positive effect on the results achieved.

See for yourself how comprehensive our offer is for you and your employees or friends.

What makes training for companies different?

Training for companies is a great opportunity to motivate employees within a given company or department to achieve their goals. Such an experience is not only a healthy dose of competition, but above all, learning to cooperate and building awareness that in the group, both in the training room and outside it, you can achieve more. Thanks to such training, the team spending time together on exercises will transfer all positive aspects of this experience to the workplace, which has a real impact on the relationships in the office. We can organize integration activities for you in the form of group training after working hours and include both team building and competition elements.

In MIND YOUR BODY, in addition to the above-mentioned forms of training, we also offer mini-lectures that we conduct during a lunch break or several hours of training. They concern, among others:

  • preventing back pain when sitting down,
  • the impact of physical activity on our energy level and body functioning,
  • psychodietetics issues,
  • as well as dietetics – we discuss the principles of a proper diet that is related to our everyday well-being.

We also organize workshops that can be held in a conference room, showing how to stretch and strengthen behind a desk. Lunch break is also a great time for stretching, strengthening core muscles and relaxing muscles tense while working at the computer. We also conduct individual training or massage sessions with access to the workplace.

Trust your personal trainer from MIND YOUR BODY today and decide to train for companies or in a group of people close to you. We will do everything to adjust the training to both your needs and the expectations of the entire team.