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Weight reduction

Losing weight and getting rid of body fat are the most common motivation to exercise and the main goal of training. The condition for success is a well-planned slimming training supplemented with a healthy, balanced diet that will provide the exercising body with the necessary nutrients – building blocks and energy in the right amount.

Above all, the training plan should be varied (strength exercises alternated with aerobic and interval exercises). Its goal is to increase physical performance, accelerate metabolism and create a caloric deficit, which in turn leads to a gradual reduction of body fat, weight loss and improvement of the figure.

A well-structured reduction training stimulates your metabolism over time to such an extent that you burn calories even when you are not doing anything. The frequency and optimal duration of exercise are also important. Cardio training must last at least 30 minutes, because the fat burning process does not start until 20 minutes. However, interval training, which is by definition very intense, should not exceed 40 minutes. If you are a beginner, a specialist will probably suggest a 60-minute workout tailored to your abilities.


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Fat reduction occurs most quickly with increased metabolism. This, in turn, improves if you regularly engage in a variety of physical activity. Reduction training consists of three main types of activity:

  1. Aerobics accelerate the heart rate and respiration, oxygenate muscles and organs, and thus improve their work.
  2. Intervals (alternating very fast and slow exercises) are very intense and demanding, but they keep you burning calories for up to 24 hours after training.
  3. On the other hand, strength exercises help build and strengthen muscles to work more efficiently, using more energy.

It is difficult to plan it all yourself, so you will need the help of a personal trainer who will develop a plan (training and diet) tailored to your expectations. It is enough to stick to it to achieve the desired goal.

It is worth noting that a well-organized training plan is comprehensive – by working on the main goal, we also achieve other positive effects, e.g. by wanting to reduce body weight, at the same time improving mobility and strengthening the muscles around the spine. When your main goal is achieved, we will modify the training plan, adjusting it to your current needs (e.g. if you want to take part in a half-marathon, we will include running training in your classes).