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Manual therapy is a set of specialised tricks as well as diagnostic and therapeutic techniques performed by a physiotherapist in the area of joints, ligaments, muscles and the nervous system. It is most often suggested in musculoskeletal disorders, such as degenerative joint changes, sciatica or sports injuries. It is often the last resort before surgery. In the event that it has already occurred, it is also successfully used as part of rehabilitation after surgery.

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Most often they occur in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and forget about regular physical activity. They can be so severe that they sometimes make it impossible to move freely. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent them or prevent them from happening.


Pain in the neck area occurs most often after its excessive strain. They are also a sign of our time in which everyone takes a bad position using smartphones. If you experience them regularly, an appointment with a specialist is necessary, and possibly subsequent physical therapy!


They arise as a result of a malfunction of elements within the joint or periarticular structures. To avoid them, you should reduce staying in the same position for a long time. If the pain persists for too long, it is a disturbing symptom and requires a visit to a specialist.


It is a long-term degenerative process of the articular surfaces. We can talk about them when the hyaline cartilage is damaged as a result of incorrect loading of the joints for a long time. They are often accompanied by the formation of bone spurs in this area, the so-called osteophytes.


When practicing sports, you must take into account the possibility of an injury. You are particularly vulnerable to them when you forget about warming up and stretching, engage in physical activity very irregularly, or overestimate your abilities and overload during training. Each sports injury should be consulted with a specialist.


All surgical procedures carry the risk of complications, such as disorders in the musculoskeletal system or the circulatory system. In such cases, physiotherapy is an important part of your recovery and improvement of your well-being.