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Warsaw personal trainer

Choose us to work with real professionals! We are all university graduates who completed many additional prestigious courses, mainly in modern training methods and physiotherapy. We provide psychological services and develop incentive programmes. We will draw up a personalised plan for you, combining training sessions with nutritional advice and psychological support. Our personal trainings are tailored to your needs and aimed at achieving your personal goals. Working with us is a guarantee of safety and success.

Step 1:

Setting goals & timeframes

Let us get to know you so that we can devise a training and diet plan tailored to your goals and expectations.

Step 2:

When and where? It’s up to you!

Online, at our studio, at your home, outdoors or at the gym. The training session is custom-fit to your abilities and needs.

Step 3:

Bringing out your strength 

Train with us is to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Our trainers

A personal trainer develops a workout plan for each meeting and provides one-to-one support throughout the entire session. Our trainers are not only passionate about sports, but more importantly they are all professionals with the necessary education and experience. Also, they adopt an individual psychological approach, which is crucial in the training process.

Malwina Dmowska

Personal trainer, Psychologist

Kamil Kochański

Personal trainer, physiotherapist

Zuzanna Wieczorek

Personal trainer, physiotherapist

Zuzanna Pyszel

Personal Trainer, physiotherapist

Karolina Kowalczyk

Personal Trainer, physiotherapist

Natalia Somla

Personal Trainer, physiotherapist

Amelia Jackowska

Personal Trainer, physiotherapist

Adam Gapczyński

Personal Trainer, physiotherapist

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Our services

All of our services are designed by real experts in the training business. With our experienced trainers you will see the desired results sooner than expected.

Weight reduction, muscle mass building, your first marathon, flexibility improvement? Your goal is our mission.

Analyse your current eating habits, learn how to eat healthy, “detox your fridge”. Everything is at your fingertips.

Minor injuries, recurrent injuries, persistent back pain, rehabilitation after surgeries and procedures. We’ll put on your feet.

Define your needs – tension reduction, improvement of sports results or cellulite reduction. See for yourself.

Support in difficult situations, lack of motivation and low mood. Analysis of your eating habits.

Personal training in Warsaw

Training under the supervision of a personal trainer is always much more effective than taking group classes. Especially if you are convalescing or recovering after a long break. A personal trainer focuses on you and your goals while keeping track of your exercises. If necessary, he or she will modify your workout plan, even on the spot. The aim is to get you in shape or help you regain fitness in the shortest possible time. Personal training is extremely helpful in many methods of manual therapy, helping to ease pain and make a proper diagnosis.



Train individually in Warsaw with MIND YOUR BODY! Tailor-made trainings focused on the clients’ specific needs. Different training plan for different goals – reconstruction of the knee ligaments or bone fractures, reduce chronic back pain, reduce weight or shape the figure and many others. Our team are the professional trainers who have many years of experience and professional knowledge supported by higher education and prestigious courses. Our clients mostly appreciate comprehensiveness services, commitment and professionalism.


Personal training with MIND YOUR BODY in Warsaw can be held anywhere. We are flexible and fully adaptable to the needs and expectations. This relates both to training locations and dates. We can work out together in a place of your choice: at your favorite gym, at your home, a nearby park, or even at your workplace (we are ready to use the space of conference rooms or underground garages). Our offer includes not only individual training in Warsaw, but also dietary care, physiotherapy sessions, therapeutic massages and psychological consultations. We try hard to be sure that our classes have a comprehensive impact on the quality of your life. Choose a training focused on your goal or tailored to you!


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