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Postpartum training

Returning to shape and shape after childbirth is a very important matter for every young mother. However, it is not easy for everyone.

Pregnancy causes changes in the hormonal balance, which, among others, metabolism changes. In addition, being a mother, you have less time for yourself – the enormous amount of duties makes it difficult for you to find a date for training, and permanent fatigue takes away your motivation. Relax, you will get back into shape in small steps – you cannot give up, but also expect too much from yourself.


When you introduce even a small dose of physical activity into your life, you will feel better immediately, you will start to observe the desired changes and you will have more energy.

A personal trainer will be invaluable support for you. Properly composed by him training for women after pregnancy will help you get rid of the main problems faced by freshly baked mums – excess kilograms, cellulite, protruding belly and lack of skin elasticity. It is said that vigorous physical activity can be started six weeks after natural childbirth and twelve weeks in the case of caesarean section. However, the final decision should be made by your doctor, so check with him before starting or resuming training.

Already a mom and want to get back into full shape?

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The minimum dose of exercise (e.g. walking, light stretching and stabilizing exercises) is possible already a few days after the baby is born. Individual postpartum training requires commitment, and the effects will appear in stages.

Even if you have been active during pregnancy, you will certainly not achieve the same sports results you did before having a baby shortly after giving birth. Your muscles will gradually get used to the effort. Training for women after pregnancy in the first phase consists mainly of aerobic exercises, which help to lose weight, and also oxygenate the muscles, allowing them to work more effectively. Precious oxygen and better circulation have a positive effect on the condition of the skin – the production of elastin and collagen, responsible for its firmness, is stimulated.

Postpartum training is also designed to strengthen the strained muscles of the spine, torso and abdomen – this is where strength exercises will work. Exercising for women after pregnancy must, above all, be safe, and the determinant is your well-being. The training aims not only to return to the condition from before pregnancy, but also to relieve tension and stress – the better your mood, the happier your baby is!

Trening dla kobiet po porodzie

A personal trainer and training for women after childbirth is a good combination and a perfect solution for women who are thinking about getting back in shape after pregnancy and postpartum. It’s very hard to get back into physical activity alone, especially with a toddler by your side. A trainer who not only motivates, but also takes a close look at your technique of exercising, becomes an invaluable help, thanks to which you will be sure that they will bring the expected results. Each training cycle with a personal trainer, including postpartum training, is preceded by a consultation, during which the trainer conducts a detailed interview about your health and goals that you would like to achieve in the near and long term. It is also important that during the first meeting you present your possible contraindications (discussion of the course of pregnancy and childbirth) and your previous training experience.

Postpartum training WITH MIND YOUR BODY

Our trainer will conduct post-pregnancy training in any place of your choice. Where you feel good and comfortable. All you need to do is find 60 minutes of free time to spend on a training session. The postpartum training session is divided into three parts: a warm-up, the main part and a calming module, which consists of stretching, rolling and / or elements of manual therapy or massage. The duration of each part is set by the trainer who takes into account your individual needs. By exercising with the MIND YOUR BODY team, you can be sure that you are under the care of qualified and experienced trainers who know exactly what is good for you and your body. Our passion, commitment and professionalism have been appreciated by many mothers who are returning to form under our supervision. You can also be among satisfied customers!


We are a professional team of enthusiasts who want our clients to feel good in their bodies and return to full fitness as soon as possible. For many women, the puerperium period is difficult not only because of a worse physical condition, fatigue and lack of sleep, but also a depressed mood and lack of self-confidence. For this reason, we place great emphasis on providing our clients with psychological support. The arrival of a new family member may not be enough time to think about yourself. In the first, most difficult period, we will help you plan a properly balanced diet, including the one adapted to the needs of nursing mothers.