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Running training

Do you want to start running, but you don’t know how to go about it so as not to get injured? Are you running because you want to improve your condition and lose a few kilos, but are you not satisfied with the results so far? Do you dream of running in a marathon, but have no idea how to prepare for it? Or are you just looking for motivation?

What you need is professional training for runners – whether you are a beginner or have been running for some time and have already started competing, a personal trainer will be your guide and assistant, giving your run a specific direction.

Many amateur runners are unaware of the mistakes they make (both technical and methodological), which may result in serious injury. Their training is also devoid of order and purpose. This way, they do not fully use the potential of running, and not seeing progress, they lose their motivation. Personal running training is an individually prepared plan, as well as a thorough analysis of technique, motor skills and coordination, as well as correcting exercises on a regular basis – all this ensures that you will achieve a higher level of physical fitness.


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Before starting the plan development, the personal trainer conducts an interview, analyzing the training so far and asking about your goals. The meetings are aimed at examining the running technique and, if necessary, correcting it, but that’s not all.

Training for runners also includes stabilization, strength and stretching exercises, thanks to which the muscles are able to exercise more effectively, the overall fitness and flexibility are improved. All of this serves not only for better performance, but also for injury prevention.

During the runner’s training, you will gain valuable knowledge and tips that will replace fatigue with effort and make running a passion. A precisely structured training plan is subordinated to your overarching goal (e.g. weight reduction, fitness improvement, preparation for a half-marathon or mountain run) and helps you achieve the best results.

Thanks to the presence of a trainer, you can be sure that each exercise is part of a strictly developed cycle that will lead you to a higher level of physical fitness. Personal running training will also give you more motivation and support in times of weakness. You can easily focus on training and enjoy it, without worrying that due to the lack of a proper plan, your efforts will be wasted or that you will get an injury.