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Sports massage

If you play sports, you must be aware that in addition to its beneficial effects on your well-being and health, it can sometimes also have unpleasant consequences – especially if you do not prepare yourself to practice it properly. Each training session should be approached carefully and consciously to avoid injuries or injuries. Not only when you practice sports professionally (though especially then!), But also when practicing recreational physical activity. No effort is indifferent to the body – if only because it contributes to the formation of oxidative stress and micro-injuries. Massage is one of the best ways to counteract these adverse effects and speed up the recovery process.

Need to warm up before exercise or speed up recovery after training?

Sports massage will be a great solution.


One of the elements of professional preparation for physical activity is sports massage. It can be used both as a warm-up and in a post-workout situation. It prevents the occurrence of injuries, combats the symptoms of overtraining, and by increasing the blood supply to tissues, it improves tissue metabolism and accelerates the removal of unnecessary metabolic products. At the same time, it brings a number of additional benefits, such as: accelerating the body’s return to its initial state after heavy effort, supporting the treatment of injuries and preparing the musculoskeletal system for training or competition. It is one of the elements of biological regeneration, it affects regeneration and therefore is a factor helping to build form. Depending on the type of sport practiced, sports massage is most often performed between competitions or – literally – just before starting an activity that requires a lot of effort – both for our muscles and the rest of the body.


Which option is best for you depends strictly on your individual needs. Most often we do massage:

  • before exercise – as a warm-up;
  • between efforts – when we do not want to allow the muscles to cool down in the breaks, between the stages of exercising (e.g. during a competition);
  • after exercise – to accelerate regeneration.

The best solution is to entrust this decision to a specialist who perfectly knows the needs of the body, especially an athlete. On our part, we provide fully professional and individual support in this area.

During the first contact with a massage for athletes, you may be surprised that it resembles a classic massage – or more precisely, its therapeutic form. The exercise technique is very similar, but the key difference is the use of more force during sports massage. It will certainly bring you relief by restoring the condition of your muscles to the proper level, which will significantly affect your well-being.