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Training in pairs

Motivation to exercise is a problem that many people struggle with. If you are still putting off the day when you start physical activity, and instead of going to a fitness club you go shopping, maybe you need someone who will motivate you.

A personal trainer is of course the right person, but pair training can also be a good idea. If we already make an appointment with someone for joint exercises, we automatically gain an additional incentive to keep the decision made, because we simply feel stupid to withdraw.


Not everyone likes to struggle alone in the gym, the joint effort of many people is simply more fun. And since activity is enjoyable, it is also more effective because mobilization increases. In the second person, we gain support, but we also have to cheer on our partner in weaker moments – this is great for mutual relationships and tightening the bonds. Finally, by burning calories in company, we have a great time and can spend some time with someone close to us.

Already have a person you want to take to training together?

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Women often like to go to a fitness club with a friend, because it makes them feel more confident, and at the same time combine business with pleasure – they can stay together, working on their form, instead of sipping coffee (although we also recommend coffee 😉).

But pair training isn’t just for women. You can exercise with your significant other, friend, brother, sister, mother. It is important that it is someone we trust, who inspires and motivates us. It is best if the partners have a similar level of fitness, but more important is similar determination, attitude and convergence of goals.

It’s obvious that no two people are alike and each has slightly different training requirements (even if both partners want to reduce body fat and improve motor skills, for example). That is why it is worth applying to a personal trainer. After the interview, the specialist will prepare a training plan so that both sides are satisfied. Trainings in pairs can be alternated with individual ones, providing variety to everyday physical activity. Thanks to the introduction of fun and healthy competition, keeping fit will become even more interesting.


Training with a partner, best friend, parent or co-worker is a good idea, especially if it’s someone who motivates you and – most importantly – encourages you. It is not only great fun for two, but also a joint pursuit of better form and well-being. A pair training session does not differ much from individual training under the supervision of a personal trainer. It takes about 60 minutes and is divided into three parts: warm-up, main part and stretching. During training, each person performs exercises tailored to their abilities, fitness level and set goals.


The MIND YOUR BODY team makes every effort to ensure that the classes with us have a positive impact on the health and well-being of our clients. We know that in order to maintain regularity of training, motivation is essential, so we thought about training for couples. By practicing together, you can support and strengthen each other. We will also do everything to make the trainings as pleasant as possible, apart from them, we also offer psychological support, dietary consultations, and therapeutic massages. Take care of yourself by using the comprehensive MIND YOUR BODY services!