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Kids training

Alarming news is heard from everywhere – children and teenagers have far too little exercise! During the day, kids spend many hours at school desks, and at home it is no better – after doing homework, they end up in front of the computer or on the couch watching TV. PE lessons in schools are conducted, firstly, too rarely, and secondly, they are poorly and boring, which does not encourage kids to exercise.

The effects of a sedentary lifestyle are additionally aggravated by an improper diet, and the consequences of such a combination can be really fatal for health – back pain, posture defects, obesity, respiratory disorders, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc.


Unfortunately, parents have to take matters into their own hands when the school fails to provide the right solutions. One of the most effective ways is personal training for children. Under the watchful eye of qualified staff, the little ones can improve their condition and really love an active lifestyle. Our trainers can cooperate with such a demanding client as a child – they conduct classes in an interesting way and help the youngest discover their talent and passion for sport.

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Movement is an important factor in the proper development of a child. By exercising under the supervision of a specialist, your child will not hurt himself – he is under the constant supervision of a trainer who cares about safety, watches over techniques and corrects mistakes on an ongoing basis.

Personal training for children aims to support the proper development of the skeletal and muscular systems, improve motor skills, and correct posture defects. Individual training for a child gives the opportunity to discover talent and passion, but also teaches persistence. Physical fitness increases self-esteem, which is important especially in the case of shy toddlers – greater self-confidence helps to function properly in a group of peers and develops social skills.

The right dose of physical activity also supports the intellectual development of a young person. Oxygenation of the body improves the work of the brain, thanks to which the child is easier to concentrate and achieves better learning results. Sport is also an effective therapy for hyperactive toddlers who find it difficult to sit still. Well-planned physical activity helps to get rid of excess energy, directing it properly.