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Personal trainer

For several years, I have not only run my company, but above all I am both personal trainer and psychologist. I am successful in both, body shaping and the treatment of eating disorders.

qualificationsgraduate of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw, a certified bodybuilding instructor and personal trainer

Personal trainer

My interest in physical exercise and strong need to move became the true highlight of my life. Thanks to that I lost 26 kg. Couple of years have passed since then, and physical activity has remained with me – in my professional life, as well as as my default way of spending free time.

Qualificationsa graduate of the Medical University in Lublin, a certified physiotherapist, personal trainer, masseur

Personal trainer

In everyday life “turtle temperament” is the phrase that characterises me the best. But the situation changes dramatically when training begins. Besides training, I love cinema, sports, traveling, good and healthy cuisine, challenges – both training and life challenges.

Qualificationsa graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, certified personal trainer, instructor of bodybuilding, downhill skiing, football and volleyball

Personal trainer

Sport is not only my job, it is above all a great passion, which I try to infect my clients with. Physical activity is already an integral part of my everyday routine. Mountain hiking, biking and skiing are te best ways of spending my free time.

Qualificationsgraduate of the following fields: Physical Education and Sport at AWF, certified personal trainer, PZLA trainer, bodybuilding instructor, fitness instructor

Personal trainer

Do what you love and you will not have to work anymore – these words accompany me every day in my professional life. I fulfil myself, both as a personal trainer and a physical therapist. I strongly believe, that the modern way of living shows, that it is becoming the right profession.

Qualificationsgraduate of the Medical University of Warsaw

Personal trainer

“You can have either excuses or results” – these are words that I have understood well over the years of my own training. Now I try to convey it to my clients. Sport is my true passion, yet the traveling is a way of spending my free time. In my professional life, I try to combine the trainer skills with the physiotherapist profession, what guarantees the maximum effects for my clients.

Qualificationsgraduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, master of physiotherapy, certified personal trainer and masseuse

Personal trainer

My main area of interest is sports and urogynecological physiotherapy, as well as broadly understood orthopedics. In my work, I focus on the functional aspect of training – to have a real impact on the improvement of a given, necessary function and improve the quality of everyday life of the client. I use both elements of calisthenics and physiotherapeutic methods, first of all looking holistically – at each mentee as a whole.

Qualificationsstudent of the Faculty of Physiotherapy at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, roller skating instructor and personal trainer

Personal trainer

Initially, physical activity helped me to get rid of my excess weight, then it gradually became my way of enjoying life and spreading that joy among others. On a daily basis I am studying physiotherapy and in my spare time I love to cook and shoot photos.

Qualificationsstudent of the Faculty of Physiotherapy at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw and a personal trainer

Personal Trainer

When working with clients, I introduce elements of various sports disciplines so that the training sessions are varied, attractive and aimed at comprehensive improvement of physical fitness. During training sessions, I want to teach the correct movement patterns so that the person is able to eliminate whatever is the source of their tiredness and movement disorders. 

Qualificationsgraduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw