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Malwina Dmowska
For the last few years I have not only been the owner of a training business, but above all a personal trainer and a psychologist that successfully helped others to get in shape and overcome eating disorders.
Kamil Kochański
Discovering physical activity and developing a passion for it was a turning point in my life. Back then, I lost 26 kg. Over a dozen years later, physical activity is at the centre of my professional life and also remains the preferred way for spending my spare time.
Paweł Targosiński
Privately, I do everything at a snail’s pace but this changes dramatically when the training session begins. I like movies, sport, travelling, tasty and healthy cuisine and challenges – those which need to be taken on during the training and those posed by life.
Maksym Sypniewski
Sports is not only my professional choice but also my genuine passion which I try to spread among my clients. Physical activity is an integral part of my everyday life. Mountain hiking, cycling, skiing – there’s just no better way to spend my free time.
Mariusz Wiaderny
‘If you like what you do for living it doesn’t really feel like work’ – these words are my motto in my professional life. I draw satisfaction from working as a personal trainer and a physiotherapist. And with the lifestyle we all lead today, I think that those two professions begin to slowly merge into one.
Zuzanna Lemiesz
‘You can choose excuses or you can choose effects’ – I have come to this conclusion after years of training and now I repeat it to my clients. Sports is my passion and in my free time I like to travel. I aim to combine the role of a personal trainer with the role of a physiotherapists in order to ensure my clients can enjoy maximum results.