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Training for a cyclist

Strength exercises are also a great idea for lovers of sports such as cycling. If you are passionate about two wheels, you should diversify your training and focus on strengthening the whole body. Cycling, while engaging other muscle groups in addition to the legs, may not do so proportionately. In addition, the aura outside the window is not always conducive to covering the next kilometers. All this makes a visit to the gym a good solution, where the trainer will choose the perfect training for a cyclist, which will strengthen the muscles of the entire body.


All without excessive development of muscle mass, which may interfere with long-term cycling and achieving better and better results. Each training is individually tailored to the physical abilities and expectations of the client. Thanks to this, you can achieve much better results than in the case of group classes or independent work in the gym.

The cyclist’s training should prepare the whole body well to cover many kilometers on the bike

Make an appointment! A personal trainer will take care of the proper selection of exercises and will help build the necessary condition.

Cyclist in the gym

Training for a cyclist is primarily aimed at building endurance, strength and strong postural muscles (abdomen, back, buttocks). It is worth interweaving cardio exercises, such as riding a stationary bike, ergometer or elliptical cross trainer, strength exercises performed with the use of your own body load or external loads in the form of a barbell or dumbbells. In the case of training supplementing cycling sessions, first of all, complex exercises (multi-joint), such as deadlifts or squats with a barbell, as well as exercises involving the abdominal and torso muscles, i.e. various types of supports or movements performed on unstable ground, will work well. It is important that your training is varied and involves the whole body. This ensures harmonious development and perfectly affects the condition and, as a result, well-being when conquering roads. Training in the gym helps to strengthen the muscles of the entire body, which also work while cycling. Thanks to this, every cyclist will feel the benefits of working with a coach on their own skin.