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Calorie consumption counter (kcal)

The calorie burn calculator is a great tool that will allow you to accurately determine the amount of kilocalories consumed during the various activities, activities, activities and physical activities that accompany you during the daily rhythm of the day. In addition, the calorie burn counter can provide you with information not only about one training session, but also the total daily calorie consumption. It is a great help for people who want to fight for themselves and their body. However, it should be remembered that the actual amount of calories burned also has a significant impact on the conditions in which the training took place and the individual predispositions of the body. The calculator is also a great help when working with qualified experts and experienced MIND YOUR BODY trainers. Check now how many calories you burned during your last workout!


Here’s an example of how even 30 minutes of exercise can help you burn unnecessary calories.

Low intensity exercise group (50%)12080200
High-intensity exercise group (75%)140260400


The calorie calculator calculates an approximate value based on gender and some important parameters. These are: age, weight, heart rate and duration of activity. As the table above shows, even 30 minutes of exercise will allow you to burn a large amount of calories. It is important to know which activities will burn the most calories in the shortest possible time. This is especially important for people who cannot afford long-term training, but still want to get tangible results in the shortest possible time.


The abbreviation for calories is not “kcal”, which has erroneously grown into the consciousness of people all over the world. A calorie (cal) is a unit of heat, which is now defined as a measure of energy released, while “kcal” is a kilocalorie, which is equivalent to a thousand calories and is used extensively mainly in diet. Kilocalories allow you to estimate how much you should eat meals, what they should consist of and how to compose them so that their total amount changes the overall energy value of your diet, because extra kilocalories will have to be burned, especially if your goal is to lose weight and improve your figure and condition health. To calculate how many calories have been burned, the above calculator will certainly come in handy.


It is widely known that heart rate is an extremely important parameter in the case of physical activity. Its observation allows to assess the intensity of the exercise or action being performed. This is of great importance especially for people who care about the optimal achievement of planned training goals. The heart rate, or pulse, is nothing more than the undulating movement of the arteries, dependent on the contractions of the heart and the elasticity of the arterial walls. By measuring your heart rate, you are able to obtain a lot of data about the current state of your body, which in the case of physical exercise is even necessary information.

A simple rule of thumb is that the more intense your training is, the higher your heart rate, and therefore the ability to burn more calories at the same time. Often, when you increase the pace of your activities, your heart rate automatically increases, which is the desired effect, but you have to remember about your limitations. Before performing very high-intensity exercises, it is worth consulting first with MIND YOUR BODY experts who, based on the interview, will determine the perfect training plan, tailored to your individual needs and capabilities.


The calories burned calculator is a very helpful and reliable tool that allows you to estimate which activities will give you the fastest results. Before starting training, it is worth getting to know the group of exercises that allow you to burn the largest number of calories. The most important activities of this type include very fast and fast running, swimming (especially in the butterfly and classic style), cycling, canoeing or, popular, especially in training rooms, ergometer (so-called dry oars). In team games, handball is the discipline that generates a high level of calories burned. It is good to keep the above information in mind when planning the next training months. These activities will also be a great variety to everyday physical activities or strength training.