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Personal running training

You would like to start running but you don’t really know how to do it without risking an injury? You already run regularly because you want to be fit and lose some weight but you are not satisfied with your performance? You dream about running a marathon but you have no idea how to prepare for it? Or maybe you just need to find someone to motivate you?

What you need is professional running training. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or whether you have started running already some time ago, or if you are a competitive runner – a personal trainer will be your guide and your assistant and will make your running more targeted.

Many amateur runners are unaware of the mistakes they make (both technical and methodological ones), which may lead to a serious injury. They train in a haphazard and not goal-oriented manner. In this way they do not enjoy full benefits of running, and with no visible progress they easily lose motivation. Personal running training means a bespoke plan and a thorough analysis of your technique, motor skills and coordination, as well as perfecting your performance – all this will take your physical efforts to a new level.

Personal running training – how does it look like?

Before drawing up a training programme, a personal trainer will schedule an interview with you, to analyse your training so far and to learn about your goals. The purpose of your sessions is to take a closer look at your running technique and to correct it, if necessary. However, there is more to it.

Such type of training includes also stabilising, strength and stretching exercises, to prepare your muscles for a more effective effort, which will translate into better general ability and flexibility. Training serves not only bettering your performance, but also avoiding the risk of injuries.

During your training sessions you will acquire valuable knowledge and tips which will help you shake off fatigue, and with new reasons to feel satisfaction, running will become your true passion. A precisely planned training programme is centred around your main goal (such as weight loss, improved fitness, training for a marathon or a mountainous race) and it helps you achieve better results.

The supervision from a trainer is a guarantee that each exercise is an element of a carefully planned cycle, which will take you to a higher level of fitness. Personal training will fill you with motivation and will ensure you have support on any worse day. You can just concentrate on training and indulge in it, not worrying that without a plan your effort may come to nothing or that you may suffer from an injury.