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Personal training for seniors

Trening seniora

Everyone knows how important physical activity is – and this is true for seniors even more than in the case of young people. Once you are 60+, you are more at risk of osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

A well devised and implemented training for seniors will help keep these ailments at bay. It will also improve the functioning of your organs and systems, boost your mobility and increase the range of joint movement, thus leading to overall well-being and better quality of life.

Exercising has beneficial impact on your respiratory system, ensuring better oxygenation of your body – and when this happens you feel a surge of energy. Your bone system will be strengthened as well and you will perform everyday activities more easily. During a training session your heart beat is faster, which stimulates blood circulation. This has impact also on your skin which becomes more supple and looks younger.

These are only a few among the benefits which physical activity can cause. And all this brings about a better frame of mind, more independency and improved life quality.

Personal training for seniors – how does it look like?

If you are afraid of an injury or if you’re struggling to gather motivation, remember that beginnings are always tough – but if you overcome your fears, you will soon get to the fun part!

It is worth giving it a try! Personal training is not only for those who want to build muscle – and while working on your body, you also take care of your mental well-being. Don’t be afraid that you are not up to it because you don’t feel fit enough. We’ll adapt our training sessions to you individual abilities.

We put much emphasis on warming up as proper preparation of muscles and joints prevents injuries. Your training schedule will be composed to improve stamina, coordination and flexibility, as well as to increase strength and muscle gain. We propose a whole-body training with mainly strengthening exercises with your body as the training load. Aerobic exercises (walking, running, cycling) which oxygenate your body are properly combined with resistance exercises which strengthen your muscles and bones. Sessions end with a stretching part which improves your range of movement and protects you from injuries.

Apart from recreational activity we offer also prevention training, aimed at disease prevention. It all depends on your needs and expectations!