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Personal training


Each individual training cycle is preceded by a consultation meeting with the Client.

About our personal trainings

Each individual training cycle is preceded by a consultation meeting with the Client. Our personal trainer asks the Client various questions in order to learn about his/her needs and abilities. Then, together they determine the short- and long-term goals, and the time required to achieve them. They talk about any training experience the Client may have had, as well as any possible medical contraindications.

A training session usually takes around 60 minutes – depending on the set goals, the Client’s shape and the time they have available. Each session includes a warm-up, a main part and a short stretching part at the end of the meeting.

The trainer prepares a programme for each session and then helps the Client throughout the session by:

  • assisting the Client in doing the exercises properly,
  • supporting the Client and seeing to his/her safety and comfort,
  • changing the load and settings of the training equipment,
  • correcting the training technique,
  • teaching how to breathe properly during the exercises,
  • reminding the Client to drink at appropriate times.

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Training focues on You

Personal training for adults

With an individual training programme you are on the right track to achieve your goals – be it weight loss or muscle gain. Try it for yourself and you will see that a bespoke exercise programme is a guarantee of success!

Personal training for children

Kids love sport! An individual training schedule will limit the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and foster proper development of your child. We promise 100% safety and not a minute to be bored!

Personal training for seniors

You think sport is not for you because you’re well past your 20s? This is so not true! A properly planned training schedule will help you enjoy your health, fitness and good overall well-being. It will also protect you from many ailments!

Prenatal training

Are you going to be a mum soon? Don’t give up on physical activity! Prenatal training will strengthen your spine, improve your fitness, boost your mood, and prepare your for labour, and there is no harm for your little one involved.

Postnatal training

Would you like to get back into shape and regain your pre-pregnancy figure? A specially planned training for women after childbirth will help you do that, and additionally you will feel great and energetic.

Personal training with a training partner

By choosing to train with another person you gain additional motivation and extra time to spend with someone you care about. Invite your partner or a friend to the training session – together you will take care of your fitness and have fun along the way!

Training focused on Your goal

Personal running training

No matter whether you are already a runner or only planning to start jogging, personal running training will help you organise your efforts to attain your goals. You will gain additional motivation and you will see the results fast!

Weight loss

Do you dream about losing some weight and having a great body? Individual weight reduction training is a way to do that. If you combine it with a diet we will prepare for you, you are sure to soon feel great in your body!

Muscle mass building

Is it your goal to have a toned body? We will prepare for you not only a muscle building programme, but also an individual diet. You will also learn about the rules of regeneration to enjoy great effects without any overstraining or injuries.

Personal training to ease or prevent back pain

Do you suffer from back pain? A tailor-made functional training plan adjusted to your needs and abilities will ease your pain, and boost your fitness level and stamina. It’s high time to take care of your health and comfort!

Pre-ski training

Are you mad about winter sports? A proper body preparation before a winter trip is a must! A training programme for skiers will help you avoid injuries and fatigue so that you can make the most of your time on the slope!