I was confirmed in my shy – and not fully established so far – belief. The decalogue must be completed. Well, imagine, my dear, this is the situation: rush hour, 6:04 pm, risking my life to hunt a cardio machine, so I paddle furiously, as if at least I had caught God by the feet in this very elegant fitness club. Alone being a bit less elegant than the club, because it’s about a kilometer of my rowing, I peel off a strand of hair from my forehead, wipe the sweat flowing down my eyes and gasping for breath, I don’t believe my ears. The Lady “floats” next to me. The personal trainer relies on the ergometer used by the Lady with nonchalance and a certain grace that I cannot refuse. The lady says that a lot of people, that it is tight and difficult to find equipment, and that maybe they would consider the alternative in the morning, which they used to talk about. Personal trainer: “What do you think I fucked up to wake up this morning. After these three years of the mill, I am getting enough sleep now. ” In these specific words, no different. Curtain. So let’s continue …


Some time ago, Kasia Bigos – a fitness and pole dance instructor known in the community – made an article supporting the thesis that if a trainer is good for everything, it sucks. I thought about it for a long time and I agree that in the case of very complex situations, you should consult someone who is specialized in one specific field: an endocrinologist, clinical dietitian, masseur. It is known that a personal trainer cannot be an expert in all these areas and have all the competences at the highest level. It’s simply impossible. The day is too short and people (even those training) don’t live that long. However, I believe that a certain level of decency is necessary and a good personal trainer should offer a wide range of care. It may be different than in the case of an instructor conducting group classes. If we entrust ourselves to an individual trainer, then – as the name suggests – let him take care of us individually. At least that is my philosophy. And it’s not about bloated perfectionism or catching a lot of magpies by the tail. It’s all about the width of the gaze. Let him know what blood tests to order from the client, if only to check the condition of his body and / or send him to someone smarter. Must be aware of the latest nutrition trends and be able to give the client dietary recommendations to support his training goal. Not to mention the knowledge of various training systems, combining them freely for the benefit of the client, impeccable technique of performed exercises and the ability to use modern training equipment. He should also be a psychologist, be able to listen, support and find individual levels of motivation in each of his charges. Ideally, he should be able to heal the knee of a client who broke down on skis or sprained his ankle while running for personal training. So yes, there must be a little bit to everything. I believe that this is such a profession. We take care of a living person and our task is to take care of them holistically, not just to count the next repetitions bluntly.


It’s not just that a good personal trainer had to compete in bodybuilding or bikini fitness competitions. It’s always better if he has at least such achievements on his account. But I think to myself that being a team sports competitor, athlete or swimmer is an equally good background, if not a better background. Such a person, training alone under the supervision of a trainer, approaches sport differently, even recreational. It has a certain conscientiousness, durability and an inner corset that only competitive sports can produce. The disciplines mentioned above develop all motor skills: strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, motor coordination … This is often much more useful knowledge for working with a client than the ability to properly present the buttock or latissimus muscle tension. I do not depreciate the athletes of bodybuilding sports, I have great respect for them, because I realize how much work and sacrifice, strong will and self-denial are required from them competing in competitions. I just want to emphasize that this is not the only determinant of a good coach and draw your attention to asking the candidate for your personal herdsman about your own sports experience.

to be continued…