It is known that in today’s world the priority and the greatest success in life is losing weight and achieving a slim “fit” figure. I am writing this text as a certified personal trainer with many years of experience, because I found a quick way to do it! Now that I have your attention, I will present you my ways to improve your thinking about yourself.


It’s not a joke. It is a real solution to lose many kilos (of clothes) in one day and feel lighter. It is best to do it with a professional stylist who will dismiss a blouse in a color that does not match you, and pants in a cut that deforms your figure. I will always and everywhere recommend the most wonderful But, but … a wardrobe inspection guarantees you not only dealing with the topic of spring / autumn / pre-Christmas cleaning. It is also a real improvement in appearance. The stylist will determine your type of build and show you how to choose the cut of clothes in order to emphasize what is worth showing and distract from less attractive areas. +1000 to self-esteem and well-being!


In fact, move around regularly, not to achieve a short-term goal. Bikini body, form for skis or other board, goddess body for a wedding. These are all temporary challenges whose motivational power fades as they arrive. Find an activity that you enjoy (or at least doesn’t make you vomit) and do it! Do not blame me for the fact that I believe that the best solution for a systematic movement is personal training. 😉 Without a personal trainer, however, you can go rollerblading, swimming, jogging or going for a walk. Ride a bike, climb or have exhausting sex. 😉 Use your body however you like. You will notice the effect after the first session of some activity! You will feel that you have muscles that you did not suspect existed, your skin will be better oxygenated and tense, and your self-esteem and agency will soar into space!


It’s really sad, and perhaps a bit scary too, that nowadays it’s so hard for people to feel good in their own skin. With who they are, but perhaps even more with what they look like. The standards are strict and the patterns of ideal figures are very difficult to achieve in a natural way and without limiting your daily activities only to taking care of the body. I recommend you take it easy and distance yourself from this whole fitness world. You have a certain leg length or a predisposition to build muscle mass in the chest area. Some things cannot be changed, there is still acceptance, which I encourage. Of course, I’m all for working on what can be changed, but still within reason, without losing myself and seeing perspective. In thirty or so years, we’ll all be a bit wrinkled and sagging, think about what will remain. And is it sure that the recipe for # perfect morning is weightlifting, instead of a delicious breakfast with a loved one, preferably in some pleasant natural circumstances. Such a huge concentration on the body means that there is little space for building an attractive interior, only attractive buttocks are built.