While you can say that running is fashionable, it is impossible not to notice that it is more than a trend. It is a certain lifestyle that connects people of different genders, professions, races, and ages. It is a sport for everyone that gives a unique sense of community. It’s not just about numerous mass events, competitions or street runs. Go to the park for a run and you will see other runners wave at you – although you don’t know each other, you are on the same team. What is it about running that draws masses of people from all over the world? Learn the top reasons why you should run, then… just try it yourself. At the beginning, you will need a large dose of motivation, but once you catch the bug, you will not be deterred by bad weather and even the most interesting series will not dissuade you from training.


For many people, the stimulus to run is the desire to lose unnecessary kilograms, improve appearance and condition. No wonder – while jogging, you burn an average of 700 kcal per hour (of course, it depends on the pace of running and your body weight), and you also speed up your metabolism, which makes slimming much easier. By running, you improve e.g. efficiency and coordination, and you also support the fight against cellulite. Regular runner training also reduces the signs of aging, as the skin becomes more supple thanks to better circulation.


The health benefits of running cannot be overestimated. Better sleep, better digestion and regulated blood pressure are just some of them. Jogging also prevents many serious diseases, such as diabetes, lowers the risk of heart disease, and supports the immune system. It oxygenates the body and improves cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency, which also translates into better brain function – clarity of thinking, good concentration, memory and ease in making decisions. By running, we ensure a healthier and longer life, i.e. generally improve its quality.


Jogging enthusiasts agree that the runner’s training has a beneficial effect on the sphere of the psyche. It allows you to break away from problems, relieve tension and stress, which turns out to be helpful in coping with mood drops. Contact with nature also calms you down and helps you collect your thoughts. The endorphins released during training improve our mood and make us optimistic for the rest of the day. When you run, you feel that you are doing something good for yourself, and you are proud of your progress, perseverance and overcoming your own weaknesses. Thanks to this, you gain self-confidence. Running also teaches discipline, organization and regularity.

A runner’s training can be part of a broader training plan to increase performance. As you can see, there are more than 7 benefits of running. Ask an avid runner about them and he will not stop talking about them. If you try it yourself, you will surely discover other advantages that are important to you.