Muscle building


Muscle building

A beautifully sculpted, muscular figure is a dream and a training goal for many people, especially men. Muscle building is a process aimed at increasing muscle circumference through strength training with minimal fat gain.

It sounds simple, but it’s far from easy. Muscle building oriented training requires commitment and, like no other, must be supported by two other factors – diet and regeneration. It seems that all you need to do is eat more (no matter how) to gain weight, forcing your body to store energy. But in order to convert this energy into muscles, and, as a result, into an attractive, well-built figure, you need to eat properly.

Incorrect diet is the most common cause of lack of results. By putting yourself in the hands of a personal trainer, you will avoid mistakes that cost you time and energy. If you want bodybuilding to be your passion and way of life, rather than a momentary fantasy, you need to get involved. A personal trainer will provide you with the necessary knowledge, develop an individual training plan tailored to your needs, as well as a detailed diet, containing the necessary caloric surplus, ideal proportions of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

He will also support and motivate you at every stage of your work, but you will have to carry out some of the tasks yourself (e.g. remember to eat before going to bed and take care of the optimal dose of sleep), because a general lifestyle is important in building muscle mass.

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Mass training is only a stimulus to muscle growth. Everything else depends on your diet. A well-structured diet plan is the key to achieving the desired results.

The food you consume must be valuable and as little processed as possible. Reasonable building muscle mass requires 1 to 3 extra kilos per month (depending on individual circumstances). Of course, we would like the effects to be as quick as possible, but remember that slower weight gain means less body fat. In order to force muscles to grow, you need to increase the loads you serve them.

Training for mass cannot be uniform – modification of exercises (even a small one) every few weeks will provide a new stimulus stimulating muscles to grow. It is also important to combine isolated exercises with multi-joint exercises. The optimal frequency of training is three (up to four) times a week. When it comes to building muscle, more is not always better – if you overload your muscles and ignore the recovery phase, you will get the opposite effect.

The third element of building muscle mass, apart from diet and training, is regeneration – first of all, it is about the right amount of sleep (7 hours a day), giving up or limiting alcohol, but also, if possible, avoiding stressful situations. If you follow the rules of training, diet and regeneration, you will be able to observe the effects of your efforts almost from week to week.