Gyms are swelling from stylized women with open bellies and men with inflated biceps tightened with a loafer. During a meeting with a friend, in a report on social media, it is best to show that you were eating hummus and kale chips, and on Saturday at 7 am, the first thing you did was 5 km by bike, but better by running. Every step another star shouts: “You can be fit too”! What if this is not your cup of tea? What if your discipline mastered to the Olympic level is running on the sewers, chocolate knot, and the accepted size is 44 … and yet something prompts you to move? Hi, I’m Kasia and a year ago I started exercising with MIND YOUR BODY. Initial state:

  • some 3 years of unused tickets to various gyms
  • total immobility for 15 years
  • plump – according to the family, fat according to herself, has something to sit on and breathe according to colleagues
  • shortness of breath, beetroot-colored face and sweat after climbing to the 2nd floor.

Malwina – the head of MIND YOUR BODY – stood on my way in quite peculiar circumstances, on which we will lower the curtain of silence. She approached me extremely individually and provided test drives with the coaches. Since then (just a year has passed) the most patient personal trainer in the world – Paweł is struggling with a difficult case which is me. My “love” for sport has not changed, my approach has changed slightly. How did it happen that despite being allergic to movement, I still exercise? Below is my personal guide for the lazy.

How do you exercise even though you honestly don’t like it?

  1. Find a reason why you should still move your abdomen!

For me it was a fear of disability, a vision of me as a barely moving old woman. Yours can be getting into a smaller size, de-stressing, doing something for yourself, etc.

  1. Make a casting for a personal trainer!

Yes, I am writing this for real! And it’s not about your individual trainer being beautiful and presenting his naked chest on Instagram. It’s about chemistry similar to that in close relationships, but without going to the sex level (unless both parties express such a desire 😉). Remember – it will be your relationship for better and for worse, with the predominance of bad. It is with your (very) personal trainer that you will sweat down your ass, your eyes will almost fall out of their sockets and it will hurt. He is the one you blame for soreness, he is the one who will give you exercises that you hate on your very bad day. And yet, you will be happy to tell him what the fairy told you (sic!), You will be waiting for his report from the holidays. After a year, you will find yourself spending a good time waving your scribbles (i.e. exercising). So go to practice training and find yourself! MIND YOUR BODY makes it possible.

  1. Don’t invest in clothes and goodies!

More than one basement has seen tennis rackets, roller skates, bicycles and other goodies. Many wardrobes have bathing suits, leggings and top-class ski pants in their depths. Once used. Don’t start playing sports by investing in equipment. If you absolutely have to invest in something – invest in a trainer. Go against the flow of fashion and start by practicing what you feel best at. However, take care of sports shoes as a minimum approach to the matter. Over time, you will find out what is more convenient for you and you will start looking for the right gadgets.

  1. Choose a nice gym, preferably close to home or work!

My love of sitting on the couch in front of the TV means that when I get home, no one will pull me out of it. So the gym just after work and on the way from work to the couch.

  1. Stay away from fitness stars and motivational speakers!

What can a person who has been exercising since kindergarten know about struggling with an undulating body? What can a person whose profession is exercise, JUST exercise, know about shortness of breath and fatigue? What can a fitness star know about struggling with a diet if a team of people prepares her meals every day? Each of us is an individual, with different needs, posture defects and undiscovered motivation. I am not affected by slogans like: “Dear, you are great, fight your weaknesses”, “Flower, don’t be discouraged by stumbling, it happened to me too.” I start to feel nauseous and feel as if someone is insulting me. You’ve decided to practice, do it and don’t earn any philosophy!

  1. Forget about legends and myths!

“The endorphins that are produced after exercise will make your life impossible without the gym.” – Permanent muscle pain and fatigue will cause endorphins to wander off to the brain. Apparently someone saw them once, but it was in the Precambrian. “You will quickly notice changes taking place in the figure.” – If nothing forced you to exercise for 10 years, it means that you did not care much about the subtle details of your figure. So don’t count on quick results. It will come, but at a slower pace and imperceptibly.

  1. Loosen your buttocks!

Training is only an hour – two, gusting three, a week. Even if the trainer’s words are the most fun in training: “See you in a week”, you can do it!