I will start today’s post religiously: God, you see and don’t thunder … you just send us a beautiful summer this spring, for which I am above average grateful.

Due to the profession, entitled personal trainer I am forced to orientate myself, even briefly, in the broadly understood industry. And this industry has a lot to offer – both funny and scary. Whether I like it or not, I watch self-proclaimed mothers and fathers of Polish fitness, personal trainers and trainers in various media. More often not wanting to.

I observe and I cannot get over my admiration, or maybe shake off the feeling of surprise more (for this reason, I have not very attractive mimic wrinkles on my forehead) that physical activity, taking care of my form and health, and working on the human body is all about in the modern world for a photo in panties, optionally ultra-tight leggings or in extreme cases – without any of the above. Necessarily with a rotated pelvis and hyperlordosis in order to pretend that your buttocks are bigger than you have. It is also good to add some text of someone else’s authorship about the meaning of existence under this half-naked photo.

However, even more than the industry phenomenon itself, it terrifies me that this trend can attract such crowds. And at this point, a hail of arguments may fall on me saying that if you have, you can show yourself and that the body is after all a personal trainer’s tool (or a very personal tool, I don’t know …), as well as the best source of motivation for others According to the rule, I have a flat stomach, you can too.

And what if you cannot, or you can and you do not want to, because it is not a priority in your life? You’ll never be happy and fulfilled again…? Is your life worthless and unworthy of being discussed in terms of success?

I thought for a long time whether it was just envy that speaks through me and if I had a better back myself, I would stick it out to the lens. But it’s more than hurt self-love. This is my disagreement with the profession I have been working in for 12 years, which is before it was cool, pornography and / or martyrdom. Because come on! Seriously? In terms of sacrifice, daily sacrifice, suffering and pain, this is what a single mother with a disabled child can say, not young people who wake up to the gym every morning. You get up because you want and because you can, and this is a great privilege. Let’s not make this a way of the cross, please.

And to be clear – I’m all for doing sports, regular training, healthy eating, reasonable supplementation. However, I am also in favor of living outside the gym, drinking wine with my friends, getting enough sleep so that saliva drips from the corner of the mouth, and dancing until the morning that mess with post-workout regeneration. If at the expense of this I have a more fat side or a less sculpted back, I charge that cost to my chest. I will probably also have a healthier head and a more joyful life. What I wish you and myself. Amen.

Does that make me a worse personal trainer?

I will try to consider it in one of the next episodes, and for now you can check it out for yourself! We invite you to personal trainings for strange people out of this world.