Taking advantage of personal training can be a great way to get faster exercise results. The greatest advantage of this form of activity is the fact that, unlike classes in larger groups, the personal trainer focuses only on his / her student. What does it mean? The exercise plan is properly selected taking into account the age, predisposition, health and body structure of the exercising person. At the same time, the personal trainer provides full care during the training session, which significantly improves the quality of the exercises. When will personal training bring the expected results? It depends on a few important elements.


Personal training will work both for beginners who do not have the appropriate knowledge, as well as for those who intend to successfully achieve their goals. The trainer will take care of prioritizing, thanks to which the entire training process will be properly prepared and will be conducive to achieving specific goals, such as increasing strength, improving condition or getting rid of unnecessary kilograms. The knowledge and experience of the person dealing with personal training contribute to the fact that the effects appear much faster than when attending the gym or a fitness club on your own.

How many times a week should personal training take place to notice the difference in your appearance, well-being and condition? This is of course an individual matter, which depends mainly on the training goal, degree of training, as well as time and financial possibilities of the trainee. Even one or two trainings a week will be a much better solution than a complete lack of physical activity. However, in order to benefit from the individual sessions, 2-3 meetings per week should be considered.


Several factors influence the overall effect achieved. Training is of course one of them. The presence of a personal trainer means that the exercise program can be modified on an ongoing basis, depending on the needs and progress of the exercising person. In addition, you must not forget about a proper diet, without which it is difficult to get the desired results. A personal trainer will help you keep a nutritional diary and analyze the products we eat during the day in the context of their impact on our health and appearance. Other considerations are also important, such as getting enough sleep for your body to regenerate properly. Too much stress may also hinder the achievement of the expected results. This is unfortunately a problem of today’s times. Stress supports the production of cortisol, which promotes the process of fat accumulation, especially around the abdomen. To change your figure, you really need to change your lifestyle. A personal trainer is a person who will help us through this difficult process.