Regardless of whether you are an experienced gym goer or an amateur just starting out in sports, you have probably heard the term “calisthenics” by now. The name comes from the Greek kalos and sthenos, which means “beauty” and “strength”. It is a natural form of training that uses bodyweight exercises. It is designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance, almost any motor skill you need to stay at peak performance.

Calisthenics basics – what should you know first?

Bodyweight training is well known to you. The first exercises of this type were performed at school during physical education lessons. I am talking about: push-ups, squats, “crunches”, handstands or pull-ups. Calisthenics has a lot to do with gymnastics. You do not need to use specialized equipment or accessories for it. Nothing prevents you from training at home, in the park, on stairs, in the gym, or outdoors or on the pitch. Only a pull-up bar will be useful, but you can also perform effective calisthenic exercises without it.

Many people wonder if training with the weight of your own body only helps in losing unnecessary kilograms and sculpting the figure. The answer is yes! However, one important element should be noted, namely – the constant increase in the degree of difficulty. This action does not consist in suspending additional weights, but increasing the number of repetitions of a given exercise, the number of series and adding new activities to the training plan. For example, you can begin a bar-pull with a strap / elastic and then try a few reps without any extra support.

What are the benefits and effects of calisthenics?

Exercising with your own weight brings many benefits not only for the body but also for the mind. They help in leading a healthy lifestyle and developing good habits. See the many benefits of calisthenics.

You can train anywhere

We already mentioned that calisthenics use your body weight, so you don’t need any specialized equipment to build your form. You can achieve your training goals anywhere and anytime, also during a vacation trip or business trip.

Calisthenics is perfect for beginners

Self-weight exercises are very popular and extremely simple. If you are just starting to train, you can use well-known push-ups, squats and pull-ups. As you gain experience, try to increase the difficulty of the exercises. Personal trainers from MIND YOUR BODY can help you create an effective plan.

You use up all your muscles

Unlike some traditional strength exercises, most calisthenics are designed to activate each part of the muscle. Training with your own weight makes it easier to take care of a perfectly harmonious figure. During squats, you engage the muscles of the legs and buttocks, as well as the entire torso, the muscles of the back, arms and shoulder girdle work by performing pull-ups, and while lifting the legs, the abdominal muscles are strengthened.

You function better every day

Exercises using your own body weight are great for the muscles that keep you upright, i.e. postural muscles. They help in motor coordination, improve stability and mobility. They build strength in a balanced way and lead to a strengthening of the entire body over time. The effects of calisthenics also include regenerated joints and improved sleep quality.

You have a nice time

After you have mastered the basics of calisthenics, you can invite another person to exercise and use their body weight to build your form, while having fun.

Calisthenics or a gym – what to choose?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. For some people, weight training will be a better choice, for others exercise in the gym, while others will combine both of these activities. Choose calisthenics if you are just starting your adventure with strength training and want to get to know your body better. Thanks to them, you can quickly and comprehensively build the base strength and endurance of muscles .. Calisthenics is also an excellent proposition for people who do not have the time or the ability to reach the gym. In turn, training with the use of specialized equipment will work for experienced athletes who need advanced solutions to further develop muscle strength and sculpting.

Exercising with your own weight – what is worth remembering?

To improve the effects of calisthenics, remember a few rules. First of all, you only compete with yourself, so take your time with each exercise. Focus on quality, not quantity – a few well-worked repetitions will produce far better results than dozens of rushing exercises. Focus on tightening your muscles and arranging them.