A frequent excuse for not taking up physical activity are time, financial and logistical difficulties: “The gym is too far / out of the way.”, “I’m sure I will not spend that much money on a pass / personal trainer / pass.”, “I don’t have time to travel to classes at the club, the schedule does not suit me ”. Do you know it? And what if I told you that you can do a full-body training of the whole body wherever and whenever you want. There is no need for specialized machines or sophisticated training equipment. All you need is a load on your body and motivation. Here are 5 full body exercises you can do anywhere:


An exercise that can be used to warm up and properly prepare the whole body for further exertion. It not only engages practically all muscle groups, but also effectively increases the heart rate.


Various variations on the position of the “plank” will strengthen the postural muscles: buttocks, abdomen, back, which are extremely important for maintaining the correct posture and thus improving the figure, stabilizing the pelvis and securing our spine against injuries.


Contrary to appearances, a very complex and technically demanding exercise, which, however, when done well, turns out to be irreplaceable in shaping the strength of the lower body parts. It engages the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and back. You can do them by walking down slowly to make training difficult, or you can use plyometry and jump up when you come back.


A classic exercise to strengthen the upper body parts – the chest, shoulder girdle and shoulder muscles. You can start with the easier version – on your knees and gradually move on to more and more demanding variants.


It is enough to invest in shoes suitable for this purpose and you can practice this activity without restrictions. This is one of the undoubted advantages of this form of sport – the feeling of freedom. It is also a proposition for those who did not get tired of the above-mentioned exercises – you can always finish the training with a few kilometers’ run. 😉 All the exercises presented have a huge number of variants and combinations, which ensures a variety of training and allows you to progress. We can perform each of the exercises one after the other, creating a circumference and resting only around the circle. We can also perform several series of one exercise with breaks between them, and then move on to the next. Another option is to pair the exercises, such as going from plan to push-up, or supporting and squatting without stopping. It all depends on our training goal and performance. For those who are trained there are intervals or long runs, beginners can start with a walk or walk. Our only limit is our imagination. The common feature of all these exercises is their availability, full body involvement and the feeling of happiness and satisfaction that comes after doing them! 🙂