Fortunately, more and more of our countrymen are beginning to realize that movement and physical activity are important elements affecting health and well-being. Hence, street runs, bicycle rental stations scattered more and more densely around the city, dynamically expanding networks of fitness clubs, football schools, and skaters passing on boulevards. But what if you don’t come from a family where sport was on a par with the evening toilet, you always had exemptions from PE, and you associate Crossfit with a type of underpass? Many people feel like having their first romance with physical activity, but often don’t know how to start flirting. 😉 Or worse – you’ve already got the courage and made an attempt, but you got a basket … I will try, using my knowledge and many years of experience as a personal trainer, to suggest how to prepare for this adventure and convince you that it is worth daring and taking up the challenge.

1. Invest – regardless of whether you want to run, go to the gym or ride a bike, you need sports clothes and shoes. Of course, each discipline requires slightly different equipment, but at this stage, I would encourage you to build a base. A sports shirt in a set with a good sports bra (in the case of women), a tracksuit or leggings and a sweatshirt and running shoes will work well for most sports. And I don’t encourage you to spend millions of coins on fashionable fit gadgets. It is about comfort and safety while exercising, as well as additional motivation in accordance with the principle “I bought it, maybe I will use it now”. Often, the shortcomings of a professional wardrobe, causing discomfort and injuries, effectively discourage us from continuing our efforts.

2. Ask for support – you can’t blame me for recommending and encouraging you to use a personal trainer. Good individual training will provide your body with the basis for practicing most sports. It will teach correct movement patterns, help to create a habit of activity, strengthen the previously unused postural muscles (back, abdomen, buttocks), and help build the basic condition. If for various reasons you do not want or cannot use the services of a professional personal trainer, look around your friends – maybe there is an avid athlete or a person who is already behind the initial stage of the sports road you are taking. It’s easier together.

3. Strength and peace – don’t try to break records right away. Start your running adventure with regular walks, and then walks. Before you set off on a bicycle route of several dozen kilometers in the forest, do a few sessions on a stationary bike or check your equipment by riding in the vicinity. When going to the gym, start with bodyweight exercises, and only after a few weeks look at the dumbbells or barbells. There is one essential element – do it! Regularity is the foundation of success. Set up in advance in your schedule 2-3 hours a week that you will devote to activity and try to stick to this schedule.

4. Test – have the courage to admit that something is not for you, does not make you happy and does not increase your sense of happiness. Perhaps a fitness club will be too overwhelming for you with loud music and lots of people. You may find running boring, and you may feel ashamed in a dance class. Being active should be fun, so look for activities that make you smile and relax. The repertoire is really huge: yoga, climbing wall, crossfit, ballet, swimming, personal training at home or outdoors. It is hard to imagine that you could not find something attractive in this rich offer. Check, be fussy, but also remember to give each activity a chance and not be discouraged after the first attempt. If, until now, your main sport has been flipping channels on TV, it is difficult to expect that you will enjoy your first training. You have to persevere and endure the first sweats, shortness of breath and muscle pain the next day. However, this challenge is worth taking up! Along with regularity comes the famous endorphins, the satisfaction of overcoming one’s limitations, pride in crossing new boundaries and pure joy.

5. Remember about regeneration – if you assume activity 3 times a week, make sure that there are days to rest between training days. So if you plan to train on Monday, plan your next workouts on Wednesday and Friday or Saturday. On days off, you can go to the swimming pool or take a light walk.

6. Take care of fuel – when thinking about starting any physical activity or returning to it, remember that your body must receive adequate support in the form of rational nutrition. Pay special attention to training meals, which should contain a portion of high-quality protein (fish, meat, eggs), carbohydrates (groats, rice, potatoes, fruit) and an indispensable portion of vegetables, which provide vitamins and minerals that are necessary for our body. Also, do not forget about the right amount of water you drink – just 1% dehydration reduces your efficiency by about 10%.

The question remains, why do all of this and follow the above points? Although you will find it hard to believe, especially at the beginning, incorporating activity into your life will significantly improve its quality. You will increase your fitness, get rid of pain and movement limitations, take care of your health and attractive appearance, but also increase the overall level of happiness. Courage in taking up sports challenges and implementing them significantly increases our sense of agency, has a positive effect on self-esteem and self-esteem. We feel better about ourselves and therefore we are more optimistic about the rest of the world. Our relationships, both family and professional, benefit from this. Playing sports together is also a great opportunity to strengthen these relationships. To work!