As I write these words, I – a personal trainer – sit in a cafe surrounded by buns, breads and croissants. I sip my sad black americano, which I indulge in, and so much less than I used to. Buns, tarts and muffins are asking you to combine them in a beautiful pair with coffee. And this confirms my conviction that I should continue this statement. I’ll tell you why I don’t eat anything from this cafe. Not because it’s such a fashion that I’m easily influenced or I suffer from celiac disease. 11 years have passed since I am a personal trainer. There were already many fashions and discoveries at that time. And probably every personal trainer, personal nutritionist and other individual adviser wrote on this topic. However, I would like to do it so that it is possible to understand 😉 Before I tell you why gluten does us worse than better, let’s explain who we are dealing with.


Gluten is the collective name for proteins: gliadin and glutenin. These proteins are found in cereals. It is soluble in alcohol and is formed during kneading of the dough, when two fractions of proteins combine. Thanks to this reaction, the dough becomes fluffy, which makes the baked goods soft, fluffy and elastic. What’s wrong with that? Well, it is very important for everyone who cares about their health and figure. The point is not only that cereal products are usually high in calories, contain hydrogenated fats and many other substances that are unfavorable to our body. The thing is, gluten also damages the intestinal villi, which are responsible for creating a healthy intestinal barrier. The villi increase the surface of absorption of nutrients. Their disappearance or damage related to the activity of gluten leads to numerous deficiencies. Our body does not get what we wanted to provide it with food, and various ailments appear. In addition, the structure of the intestines becomes unsealed and in turn things that we would not like to have in it: bacteria, fungi, undigested food remnants pass into the blood. All this is conducive to all kinds of inflammation. And they are directly related to the inability to reduce weight / body fat. The condition of your intestines is therefore of interest to a personal trainer. It is important especially when theoretically everything is fine: the intensity and volume of training are appropriate, the calorific value is selected, and yet the job is not going. In such a situation, it is worth for the individual trainer to focus a bit more on the ingredients from which this theoretically correct calorific value is made.


Everything I wrote is a very simplified presentation of the topic. If you have doubts, I encourage you to explore more scientific studies on this topic and consider two more thoughts. Life experience shows that too much is harmful. Why then should the grain products with which we are bombarded from everywhere be excluded from this claim? After all, the diet of the average Pole is made of bread. Sandwiches in the morning, sandwich for lunch, and toast for dinner. Throw in pasta at lunchtime and a coffee cookie at work and it turns out that we are taking gluten all day long. It can’t end well. In closing, I encourage you to consider whether it is worth doing the experiment on your own and forming your opinion. If you often feel tired, you have headaches, you recover poorly after personal training;), and there are bloating, constipation or diarrhea, it is worth giving up products containing gluten for a month and watching your body. And here we come to why I don’t eat baked goods. Not because I don’t like it. I love how! I don’t trust people who say that they really don’t like bread 😉 Especially so warm, with a crispy crust. I do not eat, because the momentary pleasure does not compensate me for long-term malaise.