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A cyclist’s training largely involves covering the next kilometers on two wheels. However, it should not be limited only to spending time on the bike. It’s a good idea to introduce an element of strength training. An appropriate program of work with weights will allow you to generate more power, improve the overall fitness of the body, help prevent injuries and contribute to building a better figure. The cyclist’s training in the gym is therefore an important element that can be successfully implemented in your training plan. How to train to get the best results?


Training in a sport like cycling should be diverse. If it has not yet contained elements of strength training, the muscular system may need to be strengthened. Road cyclist training, which consists only of riding a bicycle, is a large dose of effort, but little movement. Most of the time, the body position is tilted forward, and while sitting on the saddle, we only move the leg muscles and the knee and hip joints in one axis. The main goal of a road cyclist’s training or an MTB cyclist’s training should be to align the muscle balance, improve body posture and muscle strength. So it seems like a good idea to go to the gym regularly. At the beginning, two training sessions a week are enough. It is also an excellent training alternative in the winter season, when the weather is not conducive to covering many kilometers.


A cyclist’s training in the gym should be varied and progressive. At the beginning of the road, it is all about the correct technique of the exercises and gradual increase in the number of repetitions, not the weight with which we train. A cyclist’s training in the gym must be varied and involve all major muscle groups. It is important to perform complex, multi-joint exercises. It’s best to exercise in the gym on days free from cycling training. The goal is to strengthen not only the legs, but also the entire body. The whole process should take place without unnecessarily building up muscle mass, which in the case of cycling could interfere with the achievement of results.


Classic strength exercises, such as deadlift with a barbell, squat with a barbell or pressing the bar while lying on a bench, are also perfect for the cyclist’s training.

The most important thing is to perform all exercises in a technically correct manner and to gradually increase their frequency and the applied load. It is also worth changing the exercises and their order to avoid routine. You should also pay attention to stabilization in your training plan. For this purpose, it will be useful to introduce exercises using a BOSU ball to the training session. This will allow you to strengthen core and deep muscles, which plays a very important role in cycling.