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Trener - Maksym Sypniewski

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Maksym Sypniewski

Maksym Sypniewski

Sports is not only my professional choice but also my genuine passion which I try to spread among my clients. Physical activity is an integral part of my everyday life. Mountain hiking, cycling, skiing – there’s just no better way to spend my free time.

I graduated from the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education, Biała Podlaska Division, with a double diploma – in Physical Education and in Sports. I am a qualified personal trainer, a PZLA (Polish Athletic Association) trainer, a bodybuilding and fitness instructor. I keep developing my knowledge by taking part in various workshops related to my work with the clients. I am passionate about functional training – I like how its elements can in a comprehensive manner improve body functioning.

In my work I use various training methods which I adjust to the client’s individual needs in order to achieve the desired results, boost well-being and prevent injuries. I have worked with clients to lose excess kilos, build muscle, correct posture, eliminate joint and back pain. It is always my priority to provide my clients with a proper training technique, movement quality and safety. I apply state-of-the-art knowledge of sports training to assist my clients in achieving maximum performance.

I am particularly fond of track and field disciplines and I trained athletics for 12 years, winning many medals and championship titles in triple jump. Currently I train to keep fit and stay positive. I am interested in literature, cinema and various forms of self-development. As a former athlete, I take my professional duties seriously and I meet them in a thorough manner.