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Like the world to the world, it is difficult to meet two identical people. It is a truism to say that each of us is different and has different needs. From the life of a personal trainer: Mr. Zbyszek suffers from right-sided scoliosis of the thoracic section, Mrs. Ludmiła has had a reconstruction of the left anterior cruciate ligament, and Mr. Marek, due to his sedentary lifestyle, has contracted the upper cross syndrome (a “humpback” typical nowadays). Each of these people would like to feel better, maybe improve their appearance, regain their former fitness, gain more muscle mass or prepare for the ski season. It is not enough to set goals (although this is the first and important step), you need appropriate methods and training forms that will lead us to its implementation. Otherwise goals will remain only dreams. So how to do it? Sign up for group classes? Exercise in front of a computer / TV screen with celebrities? Partner online with Instagram fitness guru? Ideas worth considering because each of them will make us move. And we know that the worst training is the one that didn’t take place. Only do the above solutions take into account our predisposition to exercise, past injuries, fitness, movement patterns? By no means. Of course, there are people who manage to achieve what they have planned with such forms of work. However, the vast majority either get injured or lose their enthusiasm for exercise. Individual training may be the solution. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? But the question is, what does it actually mean that training is individual … If you see that your training plan looks the same as those in the brochures that can be viewed after entering the network fitness clubs, know that something is wrong. The task of a qualified personal trainer is to select exercises, both strength and corrective, to the specific needs of the student / ward. If you recognize you with upper cross syndrome (like Mr. Marek), and with your personal trainer, you will push your chest during training, this is not a good way to improve your figure. A training program that is not adapted to the needs of a particular organism, existing dysfunctions, overall level of training, and rationally formulated training goals can do more harm than good. Good individual training is like a tailored suit. It takes into account the current form, allows you to overcome the shortcomings of the figure and make your sports dreams come true. PROFESSIONAL CARE A qualified and experienced personal trainer needs you and a piece of flooring to conduct professional personal training. What do you need – Comfortable sports outfit that will not restrict your movements. And they don’t necessarily have to be leggings from the latest collection. – Good training shoes. And this is actually the only part of your wardrobe that we advise you to invest in. The best individual training in sneakers can be a disaster! – A small towel to ensure the comfort of yourself and other users of gym machines, and to wipe sweat from the forehead. 🙂 – Mineral water in a handy bottle to … survive. Dehydration equal to 1% of body weight means a decrease in efficiency by up to 10%, and a dedicated personal trainer will ensure that you are / are at the extremes of your efficiency. – A committed personal trainer 🙂 Remember that in order for an individual training to be such not only in name, it must be preceded by a consultation, during which the personal trainer will conduct an in-depth interview. He will ask about your health history, past injuries, surgeries and medications. They will learn about your daily functioning, eating habits and training history. Because to sew something to measure, you must first collect the measurement well …