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Muscle overtraining is a common phenomenon in physically active people. The problem arises especially when trainees are focused on quick results, such as a large loss of weight or an increase in strength in a short time. Muscles tired of physical effort must have enough time to recover. Lack of rest may result in chronic fatigue and, consequently, overtraining. What are the effects of overtraining your muscles and what can it lead to? What to do to effectively prevent it?


Symptoms of overtraining may vary and, of course, not all muscle pain or fatigue should be immediately defined in these terms. Often overtraining is confused with plain fatigue. Signs of overtraining take longer to appear. Fatigue as a result of undertaken physical effort increases in order to reduce the efficiency of the whole organism when it accumulates. As a result, we are unable to train efficiently or make further progress. Overtraining is associated with a whole complex of psychophysical symptoms. It is primarily shortness of breath, decline in form and loss of appetite. The body cannot regenerate itself after intense training, so the condition drops drastically. There are also symptoms such as:

  • weight loss,
  • irritation
  • bad mood,
  • muscle and joint pain,
  • problems with sleeping,
  • lack of concentration.

If you notice such ailments in yourself while practicing sports intensively, you should certainly not underestimate them. It can have very negative consequences for our body.


The effects of overtraining can be very serious, so proper regeneration should be no less important to us than good training. Shortening the rest time and downplaying the feeling of fatigue lead to a decrease in strength and deterioration of sports results. Loss of appetite due to overtraining prevents the body from getting enough nutrients to rebuild broken muscle structures. Overtraining can also lead to inflammatory processes in the heart muscle. There may also be an overload of the nervous system, which makes us weaker and less focused, and our coordination decreases. The job of the nervous system is to send a signal to the muscles to cause a contraction. Nervous system fatigue, if it is not the result of secondary muscle damage, is fortunately short-lived.


In order to counteract overtraining, it is essential to strike the right balance between exercise and rest. The training plan should be well suited in terms of intensity, volume and selection of the right exercises. This is especially true for beginners who do not yet have training experience. In this case, it is worth using the help of professionals. A personal trainer who will create a training plan for you and compose the right diet will be perfect. MIND YOUR BODY is a qualified team of trainers and physiotherapists, thanks to which the training will be both effective and safe.

Treatment of overtraining involves, among other things, the appropriate adjustment of the training load to the level of current endurance. It is necessary to ensure adequate rest, i.e. a long and deep sleep, lasting about 8 hours. You cannot forget about healthy eating. It consists not only in providing proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the right proportion, but also micro and macro elements and essential vitamins. It is recommended to use the sauna, massage, stretching or rolling. Such regeneration elements will have a beneficial effect on reducing muscle tension. In the MIND YOUR BODY offer you will find a classic therapeutic massage, a sports massage that will allow you to restore optimal functional possibilities, and a relaxing massage, perfect for relaxing the increased muscle tension. They will be perfect for signs of overtraining the body and will allow you to return to full fitness faster. At MIND YOUR BODY, we approach each client in an individual and holistic manner, and the services we offer are comprehensive. We will help you fight the negative effects of overtraining, and thanks to our tips, your training will be completely safe and will allow you to achieve satisfactory results.