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Prenatal training

Trening w trakcie ciąży

There is still a common belief that physical activity is inadvisable during pregnancy. This is far from truth! If your obstetrician finds there are no contraindications, a properly devised training programme is not only acceptable but even recommended.

Exercising during pregnancy provides a variety of benefits – a boost in mood, an easier labour and faster recovery after your little one is born. There are also advantages for the child – with improved blood circulation there is better blood supply to the placenta and in this way the child is well oxygenated and nourished.

Naturally, what is important here is moderation and professional support to guarantee safety. You should inform your personal trainer about your pregnancy immediately. A new training plan will be prepared for you, with different, less intensive exercises, fewer repetitions and less load. How a woman feels during her pregnancy is a very individual matter, so your training plan will be adapted to your abilities and your current well-being, taking into consideration also the birth plan (natural or Caesarean childbirth).

How to exercise during pregnancy?

Pregnancy means there are important changes taking place in a woman’s body. With the baby growing, we observe weight gain and a more rounded belly.

When planning a training schedule for mums-to-be, we use our physiology knowledge and we adjust the sessions to the current pregnancy stage – each trimester requires a different set of exercises. The training goal here is to eliminate as much as possible all that is unpleasant to pregnancy – physical activity is a great solution to constipation, nausea, and even heartburn.

Pregnant women often complain about back pains. This is no surprise – pregnancy puts a strain on your spine as a result of weight gain and the shifted centre of gravity. Moreover, leg and abdomen muscles are weakened. A well prepared prenatal training is not only about staying fit throughout the pregnancy but also about strengthening those crucial parts of your body. If you exercise regularly, you will see more strength and stamina, and it will be easier to maintain the proper posture and body weight. And working on your abdomen will pay off also after the childbirth. The training sessions will include breathing exercises to teach you how to breath properly, which is key during the labour.

All this will help you feel calm and confident so that you can fully embrace your new important role – of a mother.