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Trener - Mariusz Wiaderny

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Mariusz Wiaderny

Mariusz Wiaderny

‘If you like what you do for living it doesn’t really feel like work’ – these words are my motto in my professional life. I draw satisfaction from working as a personal trainer and a physiotherapist. And with the lifestyle we all lead today, I think that those two professions begin to slowly merge into one.


I graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw , I am an experienced physiotherapist, masseur and personal trainer. I have completed numerous courses and trainings in both manual therapy and individual training. In my everyday work with the clients I rely on the combination of my knowledge and experience.

During the training session I devote much attention to the proper training technique and I propose exercises which will strengthen the body’s weakest parts. It is important to me that the training programmes are as functional as possible and that they lead to improved life quality for my clients. I believe that this guarantees a lower risk of various injuries.

My work is connected with physical training and I try to be a good example of it. Since high school I have been training the Olympic discipline of weightlifting. It has shaped my character and it has showed me that the only road to results is through hard-effort workout and strong commitment. I try to inspire my clients with such attitude. In my free time I like to read a book, watch a good movie or enjoy a mountain hike. My favourite physical activities include hiking in mountains, cycling and functional training.

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